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Fridays - Ed's journal
I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but I like Fridays. That 'end of the week' feel, where one can look back upon one's toils, and go 'buggrit, don't have to worry about it any more until monday'.

Well, except at the moment. I'm working tomorrow you see, a nice early start of 9am. It's not too difficult a job, but it's liable to take a few hours. (Hence the 9am start).

I find it's not so much the 'having to work' it's the fact that saturday is pretty much a write off, because I don't really know if/when I'll be finished.
Oh, and the fact that 9am is way too early, and I need my sleep.

The server migration I did last night went well, in fact, better than I'd expected. Finished at 23:47, so I rebooted the server, and all was ready for 'em the next morning.

Which was nice.

I digress. There will be a contingent headed to the beer engine this evening. sebbo and I, amongst others. (Although we may stop for food en-route, so may be less than punctual).
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