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Another day, another drudge - Ed's journal
Another day, another drudge
This morning has been spent sorting out a couple of problems. One of the nodes on our beowulf cluster crashed over the weekend, so I had to go start that, clear the queue, and set it going again.

I've also had to talk to one of our notes admins about the servers that I migrated over the weekend.

We've also a user having trouble with a license server on another site. That's probably something to do with a firewall, but there's always a possibility that they've not set the license up to handle it properly. The only real problem is I have trouble with their accent. And I hate users. I mean, this one, as they go, is a nice user. But ya'know, still a user.

Problem appears to be the firewall at this remote site. Which was entirely expected, if somewhat frustrating .

I've also had an urgent request for a new clone of a virtual machine. We use VMware quite extensively. We have a 5 server VMWare ESX 'farm' on which we've 139 virtual machines running. Anyhow, one of our directors has promised that a clone'll be done by the end of the day. Which is entirely unrealistic, and a bit of a pain in the arse, as we've a lot of 'subsidiary' work that really does need to happen in order to get a new server deployed. Backups, server database, and then all the usual installation tasks.

They also need restoring of a backup of a month or so ago of the SQL server database to go with this server. Thankfully EDM backs up nicely on that one. I mean, it usually does, but there's always the brief stab of terror when I can't see the name on the list of backed up servers, before I realise it was written in lowercase (or uppercase) and therefore isn't on the bit I was looking at.

Anyhow, two SQL database files restored later, and this machine would appear to be up and running as they desire.

I also get to check our archiving procedures. We currently operate a 3Tb archive server, on to which file are copied, indexed, and then deleted from 'primary' storage. Until recently, we've been using a fairly ad-hoc XML archive system. This sort of works, but for large archives, it's proving to be a little slow and clunky.

Paused briefly to start putting things together for Maelstrom, such as camp layouts, and trying to book wednesday as a flexi day. Whilst grabbing a spot of lunch (pot of mashed potato, with cheese and chive, oh yeah).

Lunchtime was spent perusing the second lunch that gingerboy dutifully purloined from a training course, and messing around with new bits of software for my 6680. There's a version of doom available, but I haven't _quite_ got it to work yet.

This afternoon has been spent sorting out licenses, and reading through config guides for the new NAS (network attached storage). Migration to this new box will be a bit of a pain, as it's 2.5Tb of storage, and over the last 3 years, lots and lots of departments have moved, restructured or otherwise changed their requirements.

Oh, and a secret little project that I'm afraid I've had to friends lock.
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