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Simultaneity - Ed's journal
Why is it everything seems to go wrong at once?
Had a kernel panic on my backup server overnight. Which is very depressing, my unbroken stint of 'almost no solaris server crashes' is broken, and this machine is very fast reaching the same average as an NT server.

And I've a webserver for $important_project that decided to go 'pop' overnight too. And it's being remarkably reticent about why - no messages at all in log files for the last few days. Which either means a bad disk, or suspicous activity. Either is a pain, as this system is due for an important upgrade this weekend.

Oh well, it's why I do this job. For the interesting problems. It's just not fair when two come along at once. It's like getting two huge chocolate cakes. You'd enjoy either one of them with relative leisure, and you could even have a good munch at one now. But having two at once'd that you've got to deal with just leaves you feeling a little queasy.
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