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6 weeeks - Ed's journal
6 weeeks
Right, well, today's catch phrase, is 'fucking hell, 6 weeks!'.

You see, we have this storage update project. We're throwing out around 10Tb of storage, because it's come to the end of the lease, and replacing it. (With more).
We've done some preliminary discussion of the technology, and stuff, and came to a rough conclusion, that we'd be looking at about a 12 week time scale, with 1 month 'contingency' before the end of the lease.

Problem is, that was based on us placing the order mid march. An we didn't.
Today was the first design meeting for this project. There's about 3 weeks of design work before we get onto the implementation.

But some monkey in directorland, has signed off the contract, agreeing that we're going to return the 'old' kit, on the 1st of July. Or pay rather disgusting penalties. There is no way in hell this can happen. It's just not possible. We have 10Tb, across 30 _BUSINESS CRITICAL_ systems to migrate. It'd be tough with 12 weeks. Well, I suppose if we had a 2 week UK wide systems outage, it could be done. Ya'know, 'hello everyone in Alstom UK, yes all 55,000 of you, guess what, you get 2 weeks paid holiday'. Doubt that'll work either though, because some of these systems are internationally used.

Don't get me started with ranting about the grief of scheduling outages. Change control, informing 'key' people, including having to re-schedule, because they want to feel important, and that they have the powah to deny you.

And guess who's technical team leader? Oh yes, me. I asked the project manager to put me down as 'scapegoat' on the contact list.

Never mind, they can only sack me once I guess :). Our unoffical project time scale has us finishing mid-late august.
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gingerboy From: gingerboy Date: May 20th, 2005 09:09 pm (UTC) (Link)

Can't we take the late penalties from the monkey in directorland's pay? I'm sure they won't notice....

Can you get another SharkTank TShirt out of this? BTW - I've got my VMware polo shirt :)
mcnazgul From: mcnazgul Date: May 22nd, 2005 07:41 am (UTC) (Link)
You have a project manager?

Why didn't you list that with our assets!!!!

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