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Maelstrom - Ed's journal
Well, then. Maelstrom.
I'm so glad I made it this time, as it was superb fun. I think I even managed to get in a few photos too.
The weather was a little less than idea - first two nights, was pleasant enough, apart from a bitterly cold wind. Which basically meant that no one was wandering campsites looking for fun, they were hiding in a tent, huddling around a fire.
Day time was just about tolerable, and on sunday, when the wind dropped, it became almost too hot.

That said, I did get invited to join in a ceremony to Waspor, which was kinda cool. And had several people actually come to visit me. OK, so one of those was the sheriff, because someone had told him I'd been selling him drugs before he went to the tavern to cause a riot. But hey, an almost-arrest doesn't count :).

I'm appreciative to the rest of the group, for putting up with my lack of mobility, and I certainly hope that next time, I'll be running around the campsite getting involved.
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