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EVE - Ed's journal
OK. Just caught myself checking the skill timer, and trying to figure out how long it'd take me to get home, and asking myself whether to leave now, or wait another 30 minutes and set _another_ skill before going home.
This is not good.
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huwjones From: huwjones Date: February 14th, 2005 06:24 pm (UTC) (Link)
You are very sad. You should take this less seriously.
Unless that would reduce the fun.
Which it probably would.
Ah well.
zaitan From: zaitan Date: February 15th, 2005 11:02 am (UTC) (Link)
I think it would have been better if Paul had got you hooked on crack or heroin. You will need to get a second machine soon, one for Rome Total War and one for Eve.
sobrique From: sobrique Date: February 15th, 2005 11:08 am (UTC) (Link)
More expensive, but I could do it from work...
Wait, I can VNC from work ... ;p
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