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Amber IC Ramius' Diary - Ed's journal
Amber IC Ramius' Diary

Well, interesting times about in Castle Amber. I'm still not entirely clear what was going on, but there was the Pattern traced in fiery lines above the castle. And I think the Logrus was their briefly too. I have no idea as to the reason behind it, but I suspect it may be related to the stamped of elders towards where I assume the Pattern chamber to be.

Uther's attempt to smite the Pattern was about as successful as one might expect. Namely not at all, and did manage to injure him somewhat. Thankfully I was able to shield him from the worst of the damage. Somehow, I don't think he trusts me. I'm still not entirely sure why, after all, it's not like I've been deceiving anyone. Maybe my assisting in dealing with Sulian will help there. I'm a little concerned that getting involved in the succession counts as treachery on my part, so I may have to approach the King with my concerns.

As I caught him on the hop a little, Joseph has let slip that the pattern appears to be deteriorating. This is ... interesting. The primal artifact of order in the universe falling apart? I had assumed that it was essentially the antithesis of the Logrus - the embodiment of order. If there's entropy there, it's quite clear that this is not the case. I think perhaps I might want to talk with Suhuy.

I did a spot of fishing with Gideon, and whilst he stonewalled me, the fact that he did so gives me confirmation of the information.

He was hanging around in the corridor, as Coral arrived. In much haste. And ran towards Bleys' quarters. I wonder what's got her stirred up. Her history is definitely interesting. Begat a child by Merlin, who may or may not be Madeleine, and since has been reigning in one of the Golden circle shadows. Oh, and had her eye replaced by the Eye of the Serpent. I can only assume that that's given some interesting insights on the universe.

Xavier's wedding appears to be getting closer. He's been somewhat reclusive recently, I can only assume that it may be pre-marital nerves. Either that, or he's up to something extremely naughty indeed.

I am somewhat concerned by events in progress around the castle. The attack on Caleb's shadow was with something that at best guess was broken pattern ghosts. Hard to make out any details, however their spell casting is very reminiscent of that of Mandor or Merlin. I don't know if that implicates one or the other, or whether one or the other traversed a broken pattern at some point in the past and this has been used to create ghosts. Given that both are widely assumed to be dead, this does not seem unreasonable.

I'm still no closer to hunting down Mandor's killer, as I was charged to do. My ability to find out things is severely hampered by being at the wrong end of reality. Hopefully I'll have an informant network established properly in the not too distant future, rectifying the situation.

I am considering that Mandorways may hold some information about the current situation. Mandor was never badly informed, and the current situation with Caleb has a certain elegance to it, which is reminiscent of his style. It's hard to say for certain, and it's quite possible that he took his secrets to the grave (bucket).

Someone is making a move, of that I am certain. Unfortunately it's still hard to see who benefits from the current situation.

My research moves on, abeit slowly. Things have been far too chaotic around Amber recently. I've still not gotten as far as assembling a prototype spring rifle.

Actually, what I really need to do, is sort out some intelligence capabilites. It's starting to look like I'll be here for a while. Or at least, I don't think I've done anything too drastically wrong. And having some way to keep an eye on happenings would definitely be useful.
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