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I really hate my company - Ed's journal
I really hate my company
At the moment, I'm getting grief over 'performance problems'

Our VMWare DL760 (8x2.8Ghz) server is running 'a bit sluggish'.

Reason? Well, we've overloaded it.
We have been at the performance limit for a while, and have recently added a couple of 'heavyweight' machines.
And it hasn't _quite_ ground to a halt, but...

This is not really a suprise. This I could cope with. The thing that _really_ annoys me is that we've been at our performance limit for some time now.

We ordered _another_ DL760 so we could cope with the deluge of new server requests. It's been sat 'in the queue' for over two weeks now. It has been slowly wending its way through chains of manglers, each 'approving' it. In each case, it sits on their desk a while, until we follow it up. There are no complications. We have a cost justification (on the existing, we have 65 virtual machines for which we are charging £1,500 per year. Easy sums)

Best of all the loudest complainants are also those who helped stall the process.

Now I'm well aware that they think we spend 'too much money', but seriously, we don't just piss cash away for the hell of it. I mean, a DL760 is a cool and expensive toy, but for this purpose, it's more than justified. We only just got as far as trying to get _some_ gigabit switches for our computer room (seriously, up until this week, we've been running 10/100 and ATM)


On an marginally related note, we're buyingleasing a new SAN in the new year. We're currently going through the Vendor briberynegotiation process. So far we've looked at EMC and HP. Now we already have EMC kit, that we're replacing.

But HP's 'mid range' storage enclosure is called EVA.

I always wanted one of those. Didn't think I'd find one to fit in the computer room though...
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jambon_gris From: jambon_gris Date: November 25th, 2004 02:43 am (UTC) (Link)
If you get an EVA remember to by an extra long extention lead and a big fuck off UPS that lasts more than 90's
warmage From: warmage Date: November 25th, 2004 08:13 am (UTC) (Link)
It SUCKS doesn't it? Just when you thought you've seen the last, most stupid piece of stovepipe management at your company, they go and nibble at your proposal to buy new kit that you really want to see before you die.

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