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Airplanes and Virtual Bubble wrap - Ed's journal
Airplanes and Virtual Bubble wrap
Do you like Bubblewrap?

And also:

A parrot joke.
A guy is flying business class. As he sits down he notices that there's a parrot sitting on the next seat. The guy thinks, someone must really love their pet to pay for it to be in business class instead of the hold.

Once the flight is underway, the air hostess comes up and asks if the guy would like a drink. "Just a cup of coffee, please" he says. At this the parrot squawks "Get me a Gin & Tonic, you top-gun tart" no pleases or thank you's. The hostes returns with the parrot's G&T, but no coffee. The guy says "Excuse me, was there a problem regarding my coffee?" "Oh I'm awfully sorry, sir. I'll get you one right away, the parrot distracted me".

The parrot, having glugged down his drink pipes up "Aye. Get us another G&T you dozy flying slapper" At this the hostess glares at the parrot and stomps off to the galley. She returns with the G&T ,but once again no coffee. The guy says "Er..miss.. my coffee?" Oh, yes, of course sir, terribly sorry", she replies. Once again the parrot pipes up, "G&T now! Boeing Bitch!".

The hostess marches off in a huff only to return with another drink for the parrot and no coffee. At this the guy thinks "that damn ill-mannered parrot is getting what he wants and here I am being polite and still no drink" so he says "Look you dozy mare! All I wanted was a simple cup of coffee, no insults, using my manners. But no, I'm just ignored! You give the parrot what he asks for but not me. Stupid cow!!"

The hostes says "Right! I don't have to put up with this" and she fetches the Captain from the cockpit. The Cpt. says "ok sir, off you get. I'll not have that behaviour on my plane!" He opens the cabin doors and kicks the guy out at 35000 feet.

As the guy's falling from the plane, the parrot squawks "You know, for something that cannot fly, you ain't half a lippy cunt!"
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crashbarrier From: crashbarrier Date: October 13th, 2004 11:09 am (UTC) (Link)
damn you and your virtual bubble wrap...

tis not jot on the real thing but will do when none is to hand
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