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Good and Bad news - Ed's journal
Good and Bad news
Well, the good news is that I bought myself a new car battery, and 'jump start' portable unit (which I'll have to take back, because it's broken, but ...
It means I now have a spare car battery if anyone has a use for it.

The bad news is that I had to replace my car battery, due to cooking it jumpstarting over the weekend.

Hero was quite pretty, fairly evocative, and a nice artistry in the directors use of colour.
If you like crouching tiger, then it will probably go down well. Worth trying to catch at the cinema.

Collateral was rather good I thought. If you've seen the trailers, then you have a pretty good idea of story line - hitman is killing witnesses. Cabby gets drafted into ferrying him around.
It's nicely done though. Worth seeing, but maybe on video.

Punisher. Comic book conversion. Guy loses family. Goes psycho. Kills badguys.
Ish anyway. Not bad, but nothing special here.

The Terminal. Fluffy feelgood movie. Got some nice comedy moments, and a few interesting situationals. Again, worth seeing, but on perhaps on video unless you really liked the look of the trailers. (Or think that Catherine Zeta Jones is a real babe who benefits from the big screen).

And now I'm going to fire up Return of the Jedi :)
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