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Council Tax - Ed's journal
Council Tax
Ah, the music stops.

What happened with the council tax.
Last year's some got handed over to Bristow and Sutor.
We were issued with a bill for this year.
Housemate and I made a payment of 1/3rd of this year. Because this didn't match an 'installment' it was credited to the oldest outstanding balance.
So last year's bill _would_ have been £150 or so in credit once the Bailiffs had 'sent back' the outstanding (which they do quarterly).
But it wasn't at the time, so it didn't get noticed.

The nice man at the council as 're-allocated' those payments to this year, leaving an outstanding sum of £78.20. Which is basically the remaining 1/3rd of this year.

I've made a payment of that sum. This settles my account liablity for the previous house.

Of course, I still need to figure if I'm going to do anything about the fact that I've now paid 2/3rds of the council tax + 'court costs and bailiff fees'. Probably not an awful lot, because basically I don't expect to see that money again.
Can one get a debt collection agency to sort it out? :/
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mavnn From: mavnn Date: September 15th, 2004 02:23 am (UTC) (Link)
I suspect not, for the sums you're talking - I think you would have to resort to the small claims court, which would be messy for all involved.

Glad to hear that the council is sorted at least, though.
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