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Well, that config change that I made, worked. Unfortunately I _did_… - Ed's journal
Well, that config change that I made, worked.
Unfortunately I _did_ have to unmount the filesystem but only briefly. So an effective offline (well assuming I did it in a production environment, which it wasn't this time) of about 5 minutes + application start/stop time.

Pretty good I reckon.

The 'missing' part in Solaris is that in order to alter disk geometry, it's necessary to redetect the 'type'. This may be done using the 'format' command. And quite neatly replaces the partition table with a default one. This isn't a problem, provided you noted down start/finish cylinders of the previous partition table :) (But obviously, leave slice 2 at the 'new' size, just set the others back to how they were).

Oh, and because it's adding space to the 'end' of the disk, you can only really grow the 'last' slice into the available space. (And in order to do this, at least using growfs, you'll need to alter that slice in the partition table).

You'll then be able to use the Solaris 'growfs' command to extend the 'last' slice into the new disk space.

Which is really cool, in a geeky sort of 'I'll probably never have to do this, because when I'm doing something quite this scary I'll just book downtime anyway'.
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