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Doh - Ed's journal
Well, so far this week I'd accumulated a few extra hours, because I was intending to clear off early today. Well, maybe not early, but at least 'as soon as I can'. Because today's the day that ADSL _should_ have arrived with all the bits I need to be online again.

Alas, it is not to be. I had forgotten that I'd arranged to do a Veritas upgrade and 'cluster node migration' starting at 2pm.

Mostly because I thought 'well, it's a cluster, so afternoon job, and away prompt ish'.


You see, despite the fact that ya'know, the WHOLE POINT of a cluster is the resilience, that one node can take over from another, painlessly, we're informed that we're not allowed to 'degrade' service (eg. start work on the failover node) until 18:00.

Oh well, at least this one counts for system maint. money.
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