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ADSL woes - Ed's journal
ADSL woes
Well, my opinion of DABs is dropping steadily. My order of and ADSL modem router has been in 'can't be arsed' status for a week now.
Well, actually I think it's 'waiting for stock', but that's clearly a lie, because their website says they have 57 of them "hot and wet and waiting for YOU!".

Now I can sort of understand them hiding their phone number to keep costs down, but when I want my toys NOW because my ADSL will be live tomorrow, and I medically need Internet, this is not very satisfying. In fact, I could draw comparisons between that, and a certain company that goes by the name 'Eclipse computing' who are renown far and wide for having the most shitty service ever.

They've until lunchtime to respond to my plea, before I cancel and go order from OcUK instead, because they do next day delivery for basically 25p more than 'special delivery'.

Clarity IT seem to be a little slow on the extension and faceplates. That I'll cope with by going and buying a 'standard' telephone extension, because I've got spare microfilters.

Oh, and then I need to yoink some network cables. Unfortunately it seems our 'make your own' box of cable and connectors is currently in use. (it's at someone's house, who had roughly the same idea, but he's currently doing Gigabit cabling.).

So fear not mortals, home broadband may be delayed but my internet-impaired status is incipiently drawing to an end.

(Quote for the day: "What the majority of the US seems to be missing, is that when it's your country being oppressed, you aren't a terrorist, you're a freedom fighter")
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