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Fish - Ed's journal
Hmm ADSL activation on the 10th, which will be really good.

The Helpdesk were apparantly not amused by me correcting the spelling and grammar on the snottagram they sent me:

"There is a bug in the system that is really trying peoples patients. Why is it when people change there passwords when prompted after loging on, does the system then stop them unlocking the computer after the computer has been locked?

This happens everytime some has to change their password on logon.

For the new Altiris builds this is worse as the system locks the computer after about 1minute of inactivity.

The only way to unlock the computer is for an administrator to use their authentication to unlock the computer. This inturn logs out the original user, losing all of there unsaved work.

I am getting fed up of the abuse from users when this should not be happening. Please can we sort this out.

(twitch. twitch.)

My response:

"It's "people's" since there is an ownership.
It's "patience" not "patients". The latter is from a hospital.
It's "their passwords" not "there passwords", the former is for ownership, the latter is for a location. Ironically, you seem to have used this correctly with respect to "their password".
I think you mean 'logging'.
Probably want a space between 'every' and 'time'.
Oh and "someone has to change their password".

It would also be very useful to use the helpdesk system to log specific faults for resolution. "

Apparently, that didn't go down well. Never mind eh? They can only sack me once


Have also spent most of the afternoon fixing a really strange networking problem. That seems to be sorted, although there remains a possibility of "argh no fuck it wasn't" tomorrow.

At that point, I'll be better mentally prepared though, because it'll be mere hours before the pub...

I have been scheming and plotting for Maelstrom still further. I think I'll stick with priest of Jaguar. It think that works best if translated from Old Worlder bias into the Jaguar being a Sensate, and through experiences and sensations can you understand yourself.

Might even stick with skills etc. as they are too. Although I would still like to try a blessing on for size...
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ewx From: ewx Date: August 5th, 2004 04:07 pm (UTC) (Link)

trying peoples patients

Less spellechecker, more attention, I think...
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