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Stuff - Ed's journal
Amber last night was most interesting.
Got to learn, that Ramius ain't a combat wombat, and holding back on the spells when facing a bad-ass isn't especially useful. Seem to have accidentally ended up with the guy dead though, which is unfortunate.

I _have_ had a few ideas though.

The coffee was rather nice. As ever, the 'end of bag' pot is a roulette - sometimes there's not quite enough for a 'proper' pot, and other times there's just a little too much - but not quite enough to make two pots.

This occasion, the latter occured, for some really quite frighteningly violent coffee. Oh it was nice, but ...

The Havana Gold coffee seemed to go down rather well.

Event packs for Maelstrom have been sent out. Not, as I hoped, some idea of 'financial solvency' for the ship - if I haven't made a useful amount of profit, or end up needing notable repairs, I'm going to be giving serious thought to retiring James. I mean, if a character has the sum total of one asset, and that asset essentially just translates to a white elephant with a big debt...

I mean, it's not like there's many D/T actions available. It's also a huge amount cheaper to operate the other ship.

Things of note in the event pack:
Site opens at 7pm Thursday. There'll be a £5 fee on the gate for the extra night.
Independant glade starts adjacent to the Malathian encampment, and continues around to GOD. I'm thinking we'll want to be at the 'front', on an access way, but do we want to be at the GOD end, or the Malathian End?

McDoom Coffee house would appear to be in the traders area. We might want to consider working on just a straight percentage, rather than a 'capped' cut. I'm thinking that hanging around there might be the way forward.
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