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New tyres time - Ed's journal
New tyres time
Sigh, Looks like I'll be buying new tyres all round on my car this time.

Michelin Energy E3A, at £50 each. Yeah, it's pricey, but their life expectancy is pretty fierce it seems. (Mine have gone down by 1 mm in the year since I've had the car, and given my driving style, that's pretty good going).

Tracking (if needed, the check is free) is 23.50 if it's one axel to align, and 35.25 if it's two. I suspect I'll be needing the front done, but probably not the back.

Yeah, I know you can get £20 each tyres, but I've learnt my lesson on those. Bought a set for my Festa, and they lasted around 6000 miles. I'm also well aware that if there's one safety critical part of your car, it's the tyres - they're the only connection between you and the road.

No bad thing, means when they run low again, I can swap front-back.
Yet Another Unavoidable Car Expense.
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jorune From: jorune Date: July 15th, 2004 04:46 am (UTC) (Link)
Cars are too often an expense but so often a necessary luxury. I'd like a car free existence but that requires good public transport. London would be a lot more livable if its transport was completely modernised. Can anyone spare a few billions?
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